Quiksilver In Australia, Part 4

Back in February, I was invited to join the Quiksilver team down under as they continued their Roam campaign. You can see all of Mike O'Meally's photos in the Roam Issue #4 zine right here. I wrote the accompanying story and shot some photos and video of my own I'll be posting in installments here.—Blair Alley

Day 7—Melbourne
The crew had a full day in Australia's skate capital. Mike and Choy had a ton of spots for the guys to shred. We warmed up at Lincoln Square with its amazing flatground and long manual pads. We then checked out a flat gap with a kicker in an abandoned warehouse. All the windows were broken out so Reese and Mike decided to knock out some remaining glass for some cool photos. Well, some concerned citizens thought that us knocking already-broken glass out of an abandoned, trashed warehouse warranted a call to the cops. Two policemen arrived, but were cool and understanding and simply told us to leave. Not quite the same as back home in The States!
We hit a few more spots before winding up at St. Kilda Beach at sunset to shoot some epic photos of Kyle and Danny ollieing off the wooden banks with the pink sky in the background. With warm weather all day, we had a nice outdoor dinner at a Chinese spot and then joined some of the local skaters and our new friends at the Carlton Club until the late hours of the night.

O’Meally filming HD while Reese rips the streets of Melbourne.

The cops kicked us out of the junk jam spot, very politely though.

Leeper and O’Meally at St. Kilda Beach.

Leeper taking flight at St. Kilda beach.

Danny Garcia launches.

Leeper ollied while Reese fixies.

Some very friendly St. Kilda locals.

Ryan Wilson lays down next to the inevitable trend that is starting to hit Melbourne.

Day 8—Melbourne
A beautiful Sunday in Melbourne and all the guys were eager to take to the city. Just like a week prior in Sydney, all the locals were out and about as well. We fit Lewis Marnell and Luke Croker in our cars and hit Lincoln Square to warm up. We then continued the session over at the Fitzroy bowls as tons of picnickers lounged in the surrounding park. Australians really have living life figured out.
With the crew more than ready to shred, we headed down to the docklands to check out the many spots with amazing views of the Melbourne harbor. Local Nike SB rep Kerry Fisher met us at the spots and New Zealand skater Ryan Wilson is in town and was skating with us too. We got the boot from a couple of the spots, again, the Aussie cops and security guards were really nice about it—that never gets old. We had a little picnic ourselves, but instead of the Fitzroy park, ours was in the streets, then we headed back to St. Kilda Beach to shoot some more sunset shots like yesterday.
The clouds were away today providing us with an amazing sunset and some incredible photo and video opportunities. Choy and O'Meally set up their gear while Reese set up a huge trash bin at the top of the wooden bank. For the next 30 minutes until the sun went down, Reese blasted over the bin giving Choy and O'Meally tons of amazing clips and photos. Lewis Marnell even got in the mix throwing food on the ground so the seagulls would fly in close and get in the photos. Everything worked out and I think we captured a bit of magic on our last day in Oz.
Back at the apartments, it was time for a proper barbecue to celebrate a successful trip. Mike and Fish tended the grill, Danny's guitar was passed around the circle, and everyone had a blast. After lamb chops, kangaroo steak, chicken, sausages, and more, everyone slept like logs and were prepared to take off on their separate ways in the morning. All the stories you hear about Australia are true. It's a fantastic lifestyle to be had there, the people are really laid back and friendly, and the skate spots are plentiful. The local scene is rad to experience. The Quik team saw it first hand and can't wait to return down under.

O’Meally gettin’ his at Fitzroy.

Our crew sussed this spot at the Docklands.

More spot sussage with our huge crew.

Back to St. Kilda for more sunset photos.

Reese scaring the seagulls.

Lewis Marnell, setting some bait behind the scenes.

Booya! Point and shoot art.

The crew checks the HD clips on Choy’s rig.

O’Meally gets some snaps of the boys for posterity’s sake.

Back at the apartment, it was barbecue time. Stay out of O’Meally’s way when he’s cookin’!

Now that’s a Goddamned grill photo! Chicken, sausages, pork chops, and kangaroo steak!

We ate and drank into the night. Goodbye Autralia!

Peep the video of Reese Forbes, Danny Garcia, and Lewis Marnell skating Melbourne below!