Raging At The Deluxe Clubhouse

The Real team was in San Francisco this weekend filming a skit for their new video, Life And Times. The team met up at Jim Thiebaud’s warehouse in West Oakland for a day of skateboarding, filming, catered food, and all other types of wild shit. The session was raging. The ramp was ripped, beers were drained, and good times were had by all.

The team was also in town for another event organized by the good folks over at Deluxe called Junk Jam—a skate bash that was set to go down on the foundation of a demolished building. Unfortunately, SF was subjected to some pretty bad weather this weekend with lots of wind and heavy rain, so the event had to be cancelled. But, it’ll go down one day.

Here are some snapshots of what went down. Some of the photos are kind of blurry. I think my camera was broken or something or maybe I’m just a really bad photographer.

Anyway. Thanks Deluxe. You guys rip.


Check the slideshow for the wild photos!