Raymond Molinar

Raymond, you just got on Vans as a full-on–not just some flow dude–am. How does it feel to have your first official shoe sponsor?

Is it official? If it is, I'm gellin'.

Are you sad that your new free shoes won't have a street value of a couple hundred bucks a pair?

If I were to answer that, I might receive a visit from Hunter, the Nike team hitman. Thanks for everything, Hunt.

How many bosses do you have now?

None anymore! I just got fired today.

Does it ever feel like, “My two … three … four dads”?


Now that that weight is off your shoulders, what's next on your list of things to stress out about?

Hamburger meat! That and the rest of these questions to come. Are you sure the weight is off?

The kids reading this probably think being an am skateboarder is all fun and games. What are the things that stress you out on an everyday basis?

I can't answer that. Wait … I stress on hamburger meat.

When you go into Giant, whose cubicle do you go to immediately?

Paul's–'cause I get scared to ask anyone else for anything. Paul's like a godsend who was sent from hell.

Who do you keep from doing the most work?

I work a lot on not working hard at all in a day.

What percentage of product that you pick up do you actually skate?

I sell it all to Furnace (skate shop), and those are the only T-shirts that I'll wear!

Paul Sharpe: I really like that little flame thingy–sweet azz.

If we surveyed 100 kids at the skatepark, how many do you think would know your name?

Not a single one! Why do you think I'm doing this damn interview?

Jack Curtin just told me he thought any coverage is good coverage. Would you agree?

No. Have you ever heard of Andy Mac? Although he's rich and I'm not. I guess it depends on how hard you want to sell out. But maybe coverage is a bad thing–I just had 500 frontside flips come out in the same month.

I think there's a camera creeping into one of your photos in this issue. Do you get bummed on your coverage when you have a soft photo or when there's a filmer in the background?

Should I care? I don't care–I guess. All right, maybe I do care a little. No … I can't think about that or I'll go crazy. It's cool.

Are you too young to care?

Just too old to live.

What's the best piece of advice an older skateboarder has given you?

“I've seen the mountaintop–it's tall, and I want to be tall like the mountaintop.”–Ben Gilley.

What's the nastiest couch you've ever slept on?

The one Guy Mariano big-flipped in the Girl video. I think there were remnants of urine still on it.

Who was the last person to not return your phone call?

Club magazine subscriptions–I mean 911.

Can good hair make a skateboarder better?

In the case of Gareth (Stehr) … f–k! I don't know–hell yeah!

Have you ever been envious of Paul Sharpe's mustache?

Who hasn't?

When your bosses–Bod Boyle, Cairo Foster, and Paul–hold this mag in their hands, what will be the first thing they'll say to you?

We should think about hiring a stylist. Does anyone have Patrick O'Dell's number?

Would you say you're just kind of off in your own little world?

I would say not thinking in general has been my true passion and calling in life. It sort of parallels Jediism, but rather than moving objects with the mind, you simply eliminate the mind altogether.