Red Bull acquires two king-size vertical half-pipes.

Red Bull North America, makers of the Red Bull energy drink, are proud to announce their purchase of two “King-Size Halfpipes”. The Red Bull branded ramps will arrive in the U.S. on April 1st, and will be the first ramps of their class to ever land on American soil.The Red Bull Ramps are being manufactured in Switzerland by Vertical Skateramps. These 48′ foot Red Bull Ramps can be put together into one 96′ foot Monster Ramp, and are also capable of being split into four smaller 24′ foot ramps, making them available to multiple U.S. event simultaneously. Skateboarder Andy MacDonald had this to say: “I’ve seen Red Bull doing it right in Europe for years. It’s about time they got over to the states and showed people how to put on a real show. The King-Size Red Bull Ramps are by far the best show ramps I’ve ever skated.” The Red Bull King-Size Halfpipes will be available to appear at sports events, on music tours, and at lifestyle festivals beginning April 1, 1999.