Rob Abeyta Jr. / ZY$ Art Show Photos

If you clicked on this story, I probably don’t need to tell you who Rob Abeyta Jr. is. But for those of you who clicked thinking this would be about the Fourstar team, or rare Nike Dunks, or $500 all-over print hoodies… this ain’t the place. So let me give you a little background on the man. For the skate nerds out there, you might know Rob from Girl’s Artdump crew: he used to be the art director at Fourstar, designing all kinds of apparel goodness for The Gonz, P-Rod at the time, Max Schaaf, and the rest of the 4* fellas. But that was pretty much the beginning of a burgeoning street art career: Rob also had stints at Neighborhood, Stussy, Undefeated, adidas, and collaborations with directors Spike Jonze (also of Girl) and Michel Gondry. Not a bad resume, eh?

So on to Rob’s opening this past Friday night in Culver City, CA. The show, curated by Union and presented by Scion, is called “Walking Back To Houston and features new watercolorings, oil paintings, printmaking, and sculptures from Rob and a budding artist from Japan known as ZY$. I wasn’t feeling ZY$’s stuff too much: as you’ll see from the slideshow, it veers on the “tribal side of things… and I couldn’t help but think of the same bullshit tattooed on the biceps of jocks around the globe. But what do I know? This is TransWorld SKATEboarding, not Art Forum magazine. So yeah, I’m not going to describe the art for you—just open the slideshow and judge things for yourself. Art is good for you.

P.S. — Don’t expect any mingling (a.k.a. Cobrasnake) shots. I figured you’d eaten as much as you could stomach from those Rails For Rolees and Vans/Pro-Tec Pool Party slideshows.


P.P.P.S. — Here’s the meat and potatoes on the show. Stop on by if you’re in the SoCal area…

“Walking Back To Houston

Work by:
Rob Abeyta Jr. and ZY$

Curated by Union

May 12, 2007 – June 2, 2007

Scion Installation L. A.
3521 Helms Avenue (at National)
Culver City, CA 90232