After skating all day Thursday with Tony Tave, Jamie Tancowny and all the other homies you can find at Tave’s house on any given day, we decided to stop in at Rob Dyrdek’s warehouse and check out the private premiere of his second episode of Fantasy Factory (which airs this Sunday at 8:30 p.m Eastern). After the show and after a couple man-sized tall boys and some Monster cocktails, we couldn’t help but have a few laughs at the expense of watching THIS GUY pushing mongo up and down the skate plaza inside, that is until Jamie Tancowny thankfully put him out of his misery, grabbed his board, and put on a quick one-man demo for us all. Check the photos and point-and-shoot video from the night.

Jamie Tancowny getting some tricks to a Hoochie Momma and Lollipop soundtrack.