Roll Call: Marius Syvanen

Photos by Dave Chami, words by Blair Alley


As Habitat Origin week continues on the site, Dave Chami dropped off these unused photos of Marius Syvanen, and I rang him up after just seeing Origin for the first time on my laptop. Marius has been away from the States for the past few months so we both got to fill each other in on what’s new around the world. Quality time with Uncle Freddy, the art of falling on your face, and finally meeting Brian Wenning were just a few of the topics. Read on.

Marius Syvanen

Backside 50-50

Where did you just come back from? Weren’t you in Spain with all the Sk8mafia dudes?

I was for a second, before that I was in Finland for a month and a half, and before that I was in Berlin for a month. The ‘Mafia actually came out to Finland before they went to Spain. I met up with them later in Barci, then we all went to Madrid. They’re still out there until Halloween.

Did you go sailing while you were in Helsinki?

Unfortunately I didn’t get to, my folks did. They went out for like three weeks. Hopefully next summer, that shit is always a good time.

Did you film any tricks for the Sk8mafia video while you were out there?

Yeah, a few clips. Are they working on a vid right now?

Yeah. So how long were you gone from the States for?

Pretty much like three and a half months. I flew from Madrid to Washington D.C. and we did all these premieres all over the East Coast. I just finally got home on Sunday, and then we had a big-ass premiere up on Long Beach.

Was the Long Beach premiere a good time?

For sure. There were mass heads there. I was trippin’, I didn’t think that many heads would show up.

I just got the video last night so I’ve just watched it for the first time.

Oh, sick. You backin’ it?

Yeah, your part is sick. I noticed you’re still good at falling on your face.

Oh, for sure dude.

I don’t know if any of them will measure up to the Hollywood 16, but you’ve got some good ones in there.

Aw, you bastard. Yeah, right? You gotta fall on your face, man [laughs].


Howard grind to fakie.

How’d you pick the song for your part, it’s a lot different from the music in the rest of the video.

I didn’t actually choose it, Brennan [Conroy] and Joe Castrucci did. I didn’t really know what was coming, I’m backin’ it though.

It looks like in Origin you got around and filmed some clips in China, Europe, and Mexico City. Where all did you go while filming this one?

It was Guadalajara, Australia, like Sydney, yeah China, and then pretty much all over Europe.

Were you able to spend some quality time with Fred Gall while you were filming for Origin?

Oh, for sure, qualitiest of times dude. So ridiculous, I just saw that fool recently in Philly. It was f--king out of control.

Anything you can talk about, or is it strictly off the record?

Strictly off the record dude, for sure.

Are there plans for you or Austyn to go pro now that the video is out?

I have no idea, man. I definitely don’t deserve it, but Austyn does. Mind blowing.

How’s Habitat footwear going? What’s next with that?

Incredible, man, the shoes are ripping. Everything is going all good. Some time next year we’re probably going to Australia for the catalog. Shit’s selling real well all over the world.

What’s up with the new kid that just got on, Mark Suciu?

That’s a good question, he’s a cool cat. I didn’t really know he was getting on at all. I’ve skated with him a few times, he’s gotten Habitat boards for a while now. I had no idea he was having a part or anything. Actually Mark didn’t really know either until like a week before the vid. He’s on the shoes as well, which is pretty cool. It’s definitely a good addition, that motherf--ker kills it.

Marius Syvanen


Now that Habitat has three videos out, do you have a favorite?

Ah, of course Photosynthesis dude.

The Habitat intro section?

Yeah. For sure. Photosynthesis is just so damn timeless.

That’s what was cool about Origin, is it showed all the eras that Habitat has gone through.

Yeah, it was cool there were some [Brian] Wenning clips in there too. That was tight, and [Danny] Renaud.

Did you see the Wenning 5 Trick Fix on our site?

I heard about it. I met that cat for the first time the other night on the East Coast in Philly, with Freddy actually, shit was getting out of hand. Off the record shit dude. I can only imagine in that 5 Trick Fix he’s killing it, of course, but maybe a little bit bigger or something?

That’s rad that he was at the Habitat premiere in Philly.

It was off the charts. I had never met him before and he was like, “We started this shit, if it wasn’t for me and Freddy, there would be no Habitat!” Freakin’ out on me, it was pretty gnarly. On some new levels for sure.

He texted me the day after and said, “Btw habitat vids dope seen it in philly with freddy gall.”

No way, he actually claimed that it was dope? I think it was a different vibe at the premiere. That’s cool though. What’s the 5 Trick Fix, is it all new goods?

Yeah, all new. People in the comments are going off. He called me up laughing saying, “Looks like we ruffled some feathers!”

Oh my god! Holy shit, f--king Wenning. I gotta peep that for sure