Rowley Web Exclusive Interview

The big Flip/Active Demo Extravaganza is coming up on November 27. Geoff Rowley explains why there hasn’t been an all-Flip demo in the States since 1996 and shares memories of demos past.

When and where was the last all-Flip demo?

We have done demos consistently every summer in Europe and some tours in Japan, though the last one in the United States with the whole team was in 1996.

Why hasn’t there been an all-Flip demo in so long?

The team can’t sit still for one minute! Coincidentally it’ll be the first time we have all been in The States together long enough to plan such a wonderful happening.

Who’s idea was it to do this one?

Actually it was Shane Wallace at Active who was instumental in getting this going. He said the kids have been screaming in his ear for the last few years to make it happen, so for the sake of Shane’s ears, the show will go on.

Was it hard to line-up everyone’s schedules?

It’s always hard, though it’ll be worth it, the team really has fun rolling together.

Who is your favorite demo skater on Flip and why?

Appleyard hands down! I think he is everyone’s favorite, the man is a champ to behold.

If you could watch a demo of any 5 skaters, who would it be?

PJ Ladd, Tom Penny, Danny Way, Dave Duncan, and Skin Phillips on the flatground.

What’s the strangest demo you’ve ever skated?

A see-through mini-ramp/vert-ramp, I mean you could see through the damn thing, tweaked my eyes out! I had to sit down.

What’s the craziest fan out you’ve ever seen at a demo?

The people go wild I’ll just say that, you name it—I’ve probably seenit.

Better demo MC, Dave Duncan or Johnny Rotten?

I think a combination could be the best MCing ever recorded in history, how can we get that to happen? I wonder if Duncan would MC my wedding if I ever get married? That would be tweaked!

Worst product toss injury you’ve ever seen?

One time a kid caught a board I threw out, seconds later whilst I was in the van, apparently a rollerblader punched the kid and stole the board. The kid’s mother was not happy with this to say the least, she called the cops. Minutes later I was handcuffed in the back of the badboys’ vehicle. Completely innocent I tell you!

Sketchiest thing a girl has done to get attention?

Breasts out, notes slipped in pockets, straight up told me her sordid intentions etc, etc, all very flattering.

What can the kids expect to see at the Active/Flip demo?

Expect to have a blast! Forward or fakie!

Best music to skate to at a demo?

Raw Motorhead, loud and live.