Rune The Life Of The Pool Party

Rune wanted this one. Anybody who took one glance at the look cemented on his face right before he dropped in during the finals would surely agree. Or anybody who even remotely paid a morsel of attention to the massacre he unleashed on every single corner, transfer, deep and shallow end, or any other crack and crevice in the Combi Pool most definitely wouldn’t have a problem with the same obvious concurrence. But don’t think just ’cause Rune Glifberg was determined, he got first place handed to him. Bucky Lasek was right there behind him ripping just as hard and working the packed crowd at the Vans’ park in Orange County into just of much of a crazed frenzy (my ears are still ringing from Saturday night). It came down to a two-man battle as the finals winded down and came to a close. Rune would drop in with an amazing run and as deckgoers seemed to collectively think, “He gots it. Rune won, Bucky would drop in and come back with a 540 or something else way above the coping just as amazing. “Okay, wait. Bucky’s taking this one. Nobody was a Nostradamus this year. In the end however, Rune’s near flawless runs, the most tweaked out grabs of the contest, and making the hardest of tricks consistently first try is what got him the first place trophy.

Though the master’s comp was just as intense, Chris Miller--like always--had it in the bag. No matter how many years pass, he never seems to miss a beat. Huge 540s, bluntslides around the corner, kicking way above the coping on his fastplants--he could seriously enter the pro contest and probably standing in the winner’s circle there too. And as always everybody else brought their best to the Combi. Duane Peters was in full-effect, Steve Alba’s and Lance Mountain’s handplants are still legendary to say the least, and Steve Cab. What else can we say that hasn’t already been said?

The Pro-Tec Pool Party has once again out done itself in 2007. It was twice as loud, twice as crowed, twice the amount of close calls and collisions during the every-man-for-himself jam sessions, twice the intensity, and twice the amount of media firing flashes and waving their video cameras back and forth at the non-stop skateboarding gnarliness. But that’s exactly what we expect from the Vans, Pro-Tec, and the Combi. It’s a party every time.



Pro Division:
1. Rune Glifberg
2. Bucky Lasek
3. Omar Hassan
4. Bob Burnquist
5. Benji Galloway
6. Andy Macdonald
7. Bruno Passos
8. Joshua Borden
9. Lincoln Ueda
10. Sergie Ventura

Masters’ Division:
1. Chris Miller
2. Lance Mountain
3. Steve Caballero
4. Duane Peters
5. Steve Alba
6. Lester Kasai
7. Ben Schroeder
8. Buck Smith
9. Micke Alba
10. Glen Charnoski

Womens’ division:
1. Carabeth Burnside
2. Lyn-Z Adams Hawkins
3. Mimi Knoop
4. Julie Kindstrand
5. Jodi McDonald