Ryan Sheckler Top Five & Last Words

Last month we had a little mix up. Once Oliver Barton shot this Ryan Sheckler portrait for a Last Words, three of us wrote up questions not knowing that anybody else was also doing the same. So, as Sheckler got two sets of Last Words questions, and one set of questions for a Top Five, he actually came through and answered it all. And since only one set of Last Words questions could fit in the June issue, we figured we’d post the remaining Last Words and Top Five for your reading pleasure. ‘Cause whether you love it, or love to hate it, no matter what, you’re gonna want to read it.



skb0510_las01-webLast Trick Filmed For The Plan B Video:
Switch backside flip.

Last Thing You Would Do If The World Were To End Tomorrow:
Throw a party.

Top Five Videos You’d Want To Be In If They Were Remade:
1. Welcome To Hell.
2. Yeah Right!
3. And Now TransWorld video.
4. Forecast.
5. Unquestionable.

Last Person Whose Skating Amazed You:
Matt Allen, Torey Pudwill, P-Rod.

Last Trick You Learned:
Switch hardflip.

Top Five Girls You’d Have Your Agent Call For A Date:
1. Amber Heard.
2. Taylor Swift.
3. La Dolce Elisabetta.
4. Hayden Panettiere.
5. Megan Fox.

Last Good Advice:
Land bolts.

Last Bad Advice:
"Try it one more time!" = bruised heel.

Top Five Hilarious Rumors You’ve Heard About Yourself:
1. Drug addict wash up.
2. That I was dating Miley Cyrus.
3. That I bought a plane.
4. That I have a kid.
5. That I front feebled El Toro.

Last Awkward Moment:
In Petco, my dog pooped on the ground.

Last Bad Trend In Skateboarding:
Not worried about trends, don't care.

Top Five Skaters People Might Not Think You’d Be A Fan Of:
1. Lizard King.
2. Slash.
3. Mike Mo.
4. Sean Malto.
5. Davis Torgerson.

Top Five Worst Parts About Being So Recognizable:
1. Tons of haters.
2. Less private time.

Top Five Best Parts About Being So Recognizable:
1. Lots of opportunities.
2. It helps my foundation.
3. Meeting people all over the world.
4. Privileged to work with Make-A-Wish Foundation.
5. Front of the line at 6 Flags.

Last Time You Thought About Quitting:
Running sprints at the beach.

Last Time You Were Scared For The Human Race:

Top Five Craziest Autograph Requests:
1. Babies.
2. Boobies.
3. Foreheads.
4. Car.
5. This dope Heritage Harley.

Last Thing You Would Do If The World Were To End Tomorrow:
Throw a party.

Last Promise:
To myself: Learn switch back lips!

Top Five Tats:
1. Plan B skull on my shoulder.
2. “Strength And Honor” on my chest.
3. “Fear God” on arms.
4. My dad’s gladiator tat.
5. P-Rod’s Jesus tat.

Last Love:
Grandma's brownies.

Last Place You Visited That You Never Want To Go Back To:
Dominican Republic.

Top Five Lessons You’ve Learned Since You’re Show Started:
1. Drama is f--king lame.
2. Never let them see you cry.
3. Only do skateboard projects.
4. Not filming is less stressful.
5. I like just skating.

Last Video Part You Were Feeling:
Tyler Bledsoe, Alien Workshop, Mind Field.

Last Video You Watched That Made You Want To Skate:
And Now.

Top Five Things You Love About Skateboarding:
1. Learning at my own pace.
2. Being able to skate anywhere.
3. That free feeling to have you own style.
4. Other skaters that share the same passion.
5. Going on tour! With any team.

Last Time You Were Discriminated Against:
Everyday on the Web.

Last Regret:
No regrets.