Ryan Sheckler Web Exclusive Payday

We know you’re all huge Sheckler fans judging by the response we get anytime Ryan’s name is associated with a giveaway. Well, we’ve really outdone ourselves this time. With the help of Plan B and Silver, you can get your hands on the same package that Ryan gets sent to him—Plan B decks, shirts, and hoodies, and Silver trucks. But it ain’t gonna be easy. How well do you know Ryan Sheckler? Try your hand at the following Ryan Sheckler trivia:

1. How old was Ryan when he walked?
2. How old was Ryan when he took the training wheels off his bike by himself and rode it?
3. Where does Ryan eat everyday he’s home?
4. How old was Ryan when he won his first amateur contest?
Bonus Question: What contest was it?

Email your answers to twshasmail@yahoo.com with “I want Sheckler’s package” in the subject line. Deadline is next Wednesday, January 24.

Congrats to the winner of last week’s Online Giveaway, Chris of Napa, California who correctly answered the Planet Earth trivia: Anthony Schultz is the latest Planet Earth rider to recieve a cover. And their last tour was to Thessaloniki, Greece.