Sacramento with Chris Haslam, Paul Machnau, Kyle Berard, and Jeron Wilson

The weather in Sacto is beautiful. A quick stop at FTC on 10th and J to pick up Dave and Apollo and we were off for some street skating. We hit up the local amphitheater spot with a bum preaching and yelling at us. Under it all he was really just stoked on the skating and was probably bummed when we left—check the footage.

Then it was a quick pit stop at Mike Rafter’s shop, Flatspot, and then we were off to the Roseville skatepark for a demo for Ground Zero. Jeron, Machnau, Jesse Landen, and Tyler Bledsoe ripped the street course while Chris Haslam and Kyle Berard looked like they were working on the sequel to Cheese & Crackers in the bowls. Check the footage and slideshow for all the pics and video footage!