We already told you the story about how the TWS Best Trick comp in Salt Lake came to be, so once the finals were said and done on Saturday night, we set up some lights, pulled out $1,000 cash for tricks, and it was go time on the seven-stair kinked rail directly out front of the venue. So, Adam Dyet and Kurtis Colamonico put some shit down, Robert Lopez Mont had a couple bangers (and there was an amazing big-spin flip front board that out filmer unfortunately missed), but Portland’s Best Trick winner, Ryan Decenzo, and his switch all-through-the-kink assault couldn’t be matched. While he was “making it rain” on the crowd with the cash, we were signing his name to the $2,500 TWS Best Trick check.

FEATURING: Adam Dyet, Anthony Estrada, Fabrizio Santos, Kurtis Colamonico, Robert Lopez-Mont, and Ryan Decenzo.

Filmed by Chris Thiessen