Scott Kane Web Exclusive

Scott Kane has a great feature in our current issue, but it’s missing one thing--his words. So with a little prodding from Jamey Stone and Mada TM Raul Montoya, Scott and his homie Boosh trekked from Long Beach to our offices in Oceanside to do a little interview. Well, it turned into an interrogation--way too many questions, even Mike O’Meally dropped by and chimed in. Did I mention Scott just got back from a Vans tour in China and was still jetlagged? Sorry, Scott, but thanks for hanging in there like a true professional.

Blair Alley: How come there’s no interview in your interview?

I kept avoiding it--not intentionally. People kept calling me while I was sleeping. I didn’t recognize the numbers so I’d press “End. I had no idea who was trying to interviewing me. They’d leave me messages but I never called them back. I just happened to never be around my phone or sleeping.

BA: Are you working on any videos right now?

F--k, like four of them. Furnace is putting out a video pretty soon and I’m pretty low (on footage). Bootleg wants to do another video. Me and the Long Beach guys are gonna make a Long Beach video, it’s gonna be sick. And then Vans wants to do a video for 2006.

Jamey Stone: That’s the first ever Vans Shoe video, too.

First ever.

JS: So, do you like flat-chested women or big-ass boobies?

It don’t matter, I like the ass.

JS: So you’re an ass man?

You gotta have something, you know.

JS: Of all the exotic places you’ve traveled, which is holding the best ass? Long Beach?

Of course.

BA: Have you been to Barcelona? There’s some beautiful women there.

No, I was supposed to go out there twice but the mission got f--ked every time.

BA: How’s riding for Mada?

It’s great.

BA: Did you have a clothing sponsor before that?

No, just white Ts. Mada’s the shit.

Boosh: I don’t even know what to say, because I can’t bring up the bad shit--the stuff that will get us in trouble. Classified tag team adventures.

BA: Is there a Scott Kane shoe coming out anytime soon?

I hope not.

JS: What’s it like hanging out with J. Strickland, I’m sure you got some crazy stories.

He’s a beast.

BA: How often do you talk to him?

Not that often. We just went on a month long Bootleg trip and he was on it the whole time--him and his dog.

(Scott’s phone rings)

BA: What’s that ringtone?

That Jay-Z. Got it yesterday.

JS: What’s U.T.T.

Untouchables, man.

JS: Is that the crew or what?

Long Beach--known far and wide.

JS: You gonna take that global, make a couple T-shirts?

Mada needs to help me out with that one.

JS: Who are some of the next kids that you’ve been skating with?

John R.

BA: You moving into another skate house soon?

No, actually I’m trying to buy a house.

BA: Skate house days are over?

No, I’m sure it will end up one of those.

BA: How old are you now?


JS: What size board are you riding?

It varies. I like skinny boards sometimes. Right now I like the wider ones.

BA: You ride eight inch wide?

No, I don’t go that wide.

BA: What Vans do you skate?


JS: Is Boosh your right-hand man?

Boosh is my agent. He’s working on getting me on Subway right now.

Boosh: I’ve been calling Subway, like, “Yeah, you guys interested? Just trying to bullshit a whole story. That would be so sweet.

JS: You guys go there all the time?

Not even (laughs).

Boosh: We heard Stevie got on New Era hats. We’re like, damn, what could we get on, just try to con things.

BA: Pizza Port down here sponsors skaters. Free pizza and beer, that’s a great sponsor.

That’s all you need. That’s the essentials right there.

BA: What’s the biggest secret about being a pro skater the kids don’t know?

They get lazy. They just think they have it all. People that are pro sskaters now, that’s all they wanted to do when they were younger. So you reach your goal and it’s like, “Well, I don’t have shit else to do.

JS: Kinda like Evan, right? He blew up real hard, then he kinda chilled.

With him, I don’t know if he was too into it. I don’t know if that was one of his actual goals. It seemed like he was into a lot of other shit than just skating.

JS: Who are your five favorite skaters of all time?

Marc Johnson, Devin Calloway, Andrew Allen, Boosh, and John R. When I grew up, the only skaters I knew were Marc Johnson and some other random ones. I always looked up to skaters that were around.

BA: So if a lot of pros get lazy, what keeps you motivated?

I just like skating and I ain’t got shit else to do.

Raul Montoya: Does being a pro skater get you laid?

I don’t claim it. I’m not like, “I’m a pro, let’s go to my car.

BA: How was China for the ladies?

I wasn’t too into ’em.

JS: How were those little bath houses you went into?

Me and Andrew went up to the one that was in the hotel, they weren’t feeling the happy ending though.

Boosh: Are you planning on doing any other schooling?


Boosh: He signed up for college yesterday and he’s embarrassed about it.

JS: That’s dope.

I’m not embarrassed.

Boosh: We went to city college and signed up for some classes.

JS: Is it just general education or is it something specific?


JS: That’s good because there’s so many kids I see like working at a Subway and I’m like, “Damn, you used to sell a shitload of boards. What happened? Jordan Richter drives a cab, you know what I’m sayin’?

My mom just got her real estate license, she went to school for it. I was gonna do it. I told her about it and she did it. I was too busy going on trips and stuff. That’s probably one of the things I’m going to do.

JS: Do you have brothers and sisters?

Yeah, I have a big-ass family. I have an adopted sister, a half-sister, a step-brother, a real brother.

JS: Did a big family like that make you strive to be good at something--make you want to stand out?

I was kind of more on my own. My older brother taught me how to ollie--I just loved it from there.

JS: How old were you when you did your first ollie?

Eight. My dad brought me home an old-ass Powell Steve Caballero board.

BA: What was the first skate video that you saw?

Best of 411 #4--Marc Johnson, Jerry Hsu was in it. Reynolds had a part.

BA: You got any crazy fan stories?

Boosh: Oh! Remember at your apartment? The signs--those stalkers?

That was sketchy. What was their crew?

Boosh: The something-blondes.

They left these pictures on our door. John R.’s head--all our heads on these womens’ bodies. Just like all cut out pictures--sketchy.

Mike O’Meally: We were coming home one night (from the bars in China), it was like four or five in the morning and I saw this fluorescent tube in the trash can and I was like, “Hey Scott, let me crack this over your head.

He’s like, “Alright. So I f--king popped it, and it worked. He didn’t get cut or anything. He had tons of glass in his hair. That was in Shanghai. I liked the clubs out there. Hong Kong had some cool shit.

JS: How were they dancing in China? Was it good dancing or was it like Elaine Benes on Seinfeld?

It was funny, it was sick.

JS: Were you guys Crip-walkin’ out there?

Close to it. It was funny because it looked like they didn’t even know how to dance.

BA: You wanna go check out some of the photos from your interview?

Yeah, let’s go.