So it’s been about six months since TransWorld‘s And Now was released upon the world and some very fresh faces showed their skills on a globetrotting canvas. The video was no doubt heavily-felt as three of the six stars promptly went pro after it’s premiere. So in what will be a series of interviews accompanied by galleries of many unseen photos from their voyages, here’s a short interview with the last-part-prince of And Now, Sean Malto.

What's happening?

What's up, (background noise) sorry I was in the middle of something.

Is that [Rob] Brink piping up back there?

Yeah. (Interview con’t below gallery)

Ask Brink what he thought of And Now, specifically your part.
(To Rob Brink) What'd you think of And Now, specifically my part?

Brink: Who is that?


Oh, is this an official question? I thought And Now was excellent, and your part was my favorite.

And my part was the worst.

That's not what he said. Alright, looking back, what do you think of when you watch the video?

Seems like it was over way too fast. I wanted to keep going for a long time because all those trips were so fun, and all those dudes were cool to skate with.

Do you still keep in contact with those dudes?

Not so much. Everybody has their own skate trips and is doing their own thing. I see them at contests or wherever and I say what's up.

How important was that video in your turning pro?

Yeah, I don't know why they turned me pro [laughs].

Having the last part in a TransWorld video might have helped a little bit.

Yeah, I think it helped. I guess, I'm pro now [laughs]. It did something.

Does it feel different to be a pro?

No, not really. I've just been skating with my friends and going on skate trips. It's just weird to see your name on products.

What's the next big project?

Just the Chocolate video and there's some talks of an etnies video. Just waiting on Ty to finish that Final Flare, and then—yeah.

Thanks Sean, where you flying out to today?

I'm in California and I'm going back to Kansas City.

Say what up to Aaron Smith.

I'm actually staying with him.