Sean Payne

Exactly how tall are you, Sean?


Are you serious?


Did you ever look up–or down–to Ron Whaley?

Um, we're about the same (size).

Who's your favorite tall skater?

Probably Brian Anderson.

I've been informed that you like to ride soggy boards better than new ones. Why is that?

(Laughs) I don't know, I just like a board that's been used a little bit. It just works better.

What size board do you ride?

Like a seven and a half.

Damn, a big ol' dude ridin' a little seven and a half. What size wheels?
Um, 49.

You're originally from Hawai'i, right?

No, I'm from Southern California–the L.A. area. I lived there (Hawai'i) for five years. I moved there in the middle of high school–in tenth grade.

What part?

The North Shore of O'ahu.

Really? Did you surf there?

Yeah, I surf, but I like skimboarding more.

Why did you guys make the move to the North Shore? Does your dad surf or something?

My dad got a job out there. They moved our whole family out there, like, paid for us to move out there, and they gave us a house for free for a year.

Was it hard getting into skating there? It seems like there's not a whole lot of stuff to skate.

I was skating already when I lived in California, and I was kinda bummed to move out there, 'cause I didn't think there was going to be that much stuff, but it turned out to be kinda cool. There's actually a lot of good stuff. Honolulu's a full-scale city.

Now you're living in San Jose, California, right?

Yeah, I live with Danny Fuenzalida and Dave Rosenburg.

Have you been inducted into the Tiltmode crew?

(Laughs) We skate with those guys. It's kind of an unofficial thing, I guess.

What do you like to do besides skate? I heard you like to make beats and stuff.

Yeah, I make a little bit of music.

What have you been listening to right now?

I like some Project Blowed stuff. It's kind of like Freestyle Fellowship. It's an offshoot of their stuff. I've been listening to gangster stuff more recently.

You were on Think for a minute and now you're on enjoi. What happened with Think?

I don't know. It's kind of weird–I was just over riding for them. They don't do much for people–they let you get to a certain point and then that's it.

Do you feel like you're more part of the family at enjoi?

They're all super cool–really fun to skate with.

Do you skate with Louie Barletta and Jerry Hsu a lot?

Just on trips so far. I don't really skate with them that much in San Jose. Occasionally, but not very often. I haven't been skating that much lately. I've just been chillin'.

Do you see yourself ever turning pro for enjoi?

That'd be cool. I don't know, it's up to them pretty much. I'm down for whatever. I just like going around and skating. Traveling and skating–that's the best thing. That's why it's harder to skate at home sometimes. You get back from trips and you're just like, “Uggggh.” It's hard to go skate the same old spots again.

Who do you ride for besides enjoi?

(Laughs) Nobody. I ride for enjoi and that's it. I don't get nothing from nobody (laughs). Well, there's actually a skate shop that I ride for–808 Skate Shop in Hawai'i. That's the only other thing I have.

Hopefully this will help you get some more things going, man.

Yeah, llet's hope.

You want to give praises to anyone?

I just want to thank Matt Eversole at enjoi for putting me on. And Mom and Dad.