Seattle Rattle

The first week of May, half of the And Now crew (Jon Holland, Kenny Hoyle, Richie Jackson, and myself) headed up to Seattle to stay with David Gravette and skate his spots! David’s homey Devin Apello cruised with us everyday and damn near got MVP of the trip. That dude rips! We all stayed at David’s family’s house out in Issaquah, Washington where is was very peaceful and green. David has a mini ramp in his garage and a full chilled out den downstairs with plenty of room for all of us to crash. David also has the coolest parents I’ve ever met. His mom had coffee and breakfast sandwiches made every morning, and cooked homemade lasagna and salmon for us for dinner. She’s also a huge skate fan and had Kenny’s Gold poster out and ready for an autograph when we arrived. The weather held up with some cloudy days, but no real rain, and we even got a beautiful sunny day when we drove down to Oregon. The trip was super productive and just bumped up the gnar factor of And Now. You really have no idea how good this video is gonna be.