In the face of cold wintery days, a grim weekend outlook of non-stop rain, and memories of great sessions with homeys brought together through skateboarding; here are eight sequences to absorb and hopefully bring some warmth to your skate-starving heart.—Blair Alley


Dave Abair, loco hill combo.

Going out with Dave Abair is always interesting. He’s got an eye for the overlooked and sometimes impossible, but he’s got the heart of a warrior. This is one of those sequences that’s even better than a make, plus I have no idea when or where I’ll ever see Dave again to go back and get this. Stay strange you free spirit, but go easy on sidewalk wax when you come to town.


Tyler Surrey, frontside noseslide to fakie nosegrind, come out straight.

One-third of the San Diego trifecta, Tyler Surrey is young, handsome, and always well-dressed. How could anything he does not be photogenic? One of several Surrey sequences that were ready to go.


Steve Reeves, fence bash.

In a random twist of team management and advertising necessity, Steve Reeves ended up on my doorstep one day with more eagerness in his eye than a fat man at Souplantation. I didn’t even know him, but I took him to some hairy spots that day and he proceeded to get gnarly tricks at every single one. Needless to say, both of our duties were fulfilled and this epic sequence was a leftover. Big ups Steve, I’ll see you out there.


Marshall Heath, switch tailslide, switch flip out.

With all the sponsor-me tapes and personal pleas the Sk8mafia gets from skaters desperately wanting to join its ranks, it’s peculiar that a quiet kid from Vermont got the golden ticket to be its newest am. Marshall’s skating does all the talking and a lot of hungry ams could stand to learn from that. Oh, and you’re best off staying away from this spot nowadays as the locals have taken to relieving skate posses of their camera gear at the business end of jailhouse shanks.


Jon Dickson, nollie frontside flip.

Jon Dickson finessed this one in a line on a day trip to SD with some Volcom homeys. That’s part-time mocassin-clad Chris Gregson in hot pursuit. Jon rips and it’s rad to see him getting hooked up.


Cody McEntire, backside bigspin.

Same day as the Jon Dickson sequence above. If you ever street skate with Cody, you will be blown away at his board control and natural ability. He crushed this long sidewalk gap with mucho room to spare with the always-tough backside bigspin. Oh yeah, he did it down Wallenberg too.


Richie Belton, frontside boardslide.

Richie is Krue. I don’t know how to type umlaats (or spell that word either—I just looked it up, it’s umlauts). Front board over some skatestoppers, then a careless front 180 down whatevs. It’s casual.


Anthony Williams, nollie heelflip.

Anthony is just gnarly.