Sequences from Red Bull’s Manny Mania


It was Joey Brezinski’s idea and Joey’s obstacle creation, so it was only fitting that Joey took first place at Red Bull’s Manny Mania on Saturday right on the beach in Venice, CA. But don’t think in no way was this contest rigged or the top prize was just handed to him. Joey Brezinski was rolling in circles around the manual--which had nearly ever manual pad possibility and/or combination covered--and fired off flip ins and flip outs, ledge tricks to mannys, and any other combos he pulled outta bag of tricks. In one heat, it seemed like he landed more tricks than all the other competitors combined. He deservedly took home the gold Red Bull goblet and 10-grand in cash.

And as we all basked under the sun (thank God for the cool ocean breeze) the technical skill that was being unleashed was mind-boggling. It was like witnessing craftsman go to work and master their skill. Chico hit every part of the obstacle--the flat many, bump to manny, and the hip to down manny--so it was no wonder why he took second. And you should’ve seen Daniel Castillo on the bank manual--ollie up manny, a shove-it, a revert, and a manny back down. I was dizzy by the time he landed his trick.

Red Bull, Joey, and the Manny Mania will continue to tour the U.S. til the finals in New York where the ultimate two-wheeled champion will be crowned.

1. Joey Brezinski -- $10,000
2. Chico Brenes -- $6,000
3. Daniel Castillo -- $4,000
4. Chris Roberts -- $3,000
5. Malcolm Watson -- $2,000