Seu Trinh Portfolio

Spanky. I wanted to use this for Sightings. This was one of my favorite angles, but he needed a photo for an (Emerica) ad.

Robbie McKinley. Robbie’s switch crooks was inspired by Grant Brittain. That was a Grant Brittain knock-off, because he shoots pretty sunset photos. I want that to say Grant Brittain knock-off. This ran in Robbie’s interview.

Landon Mitchell. If you look at his board there’s an umbrella graphic (enjoi), and right when I was shooting this, it started to rain. That’s an ollie for a tester on the digi, but I shot a pop shove-it.

Mike Carroll. This was for my Six Degrees Of Separation article. That photo was taken right across the street from the photo lab A&I where we get all our film processed. Right when I shot that, I just walked across the street and got it processed and picked it up in three hours.

Bryan Herman. This was for Herman’s am article and I actually liked this photo instead of the angle that they used in his interview. They used a photo that was a little bit more head on. This is the photo I wanted to use but somehow Skin didn’t pick it.

Daewon. This was for an almost ad. This spot is in Century City in front of a film institute. We just snuck over there and got that photo. He had to run across the water, so his shoes and socks and pants were completely wet before the first try. The tip of that would just wobble back and forth constantly. All these cop cars drove by and we didn’t get busted at all until one of the workers happened to drive by and saw us and he didn’t really freak out. It was one of those photos we were really lucky to get. It was so slippery.

Paul Machnau. A different angle of the photo he had for the Strength cover. That rail is just enormous, and the ground is so terrible. You don’t really get to see what that’s like unless you go there. Everything in Canada has the worst ground and the biggest, most exaggerated spots. So when people complain here in California about the landing, the ground—they gotta go to that spot and see how shitty the ground is.

Daewon. This photo I was psyched on because that’s when I bought my clamp for my flashes and that was the first time I used it. I clamped the flash on top of the fence to light up the whole ground, and that was the first time I only had to use one flash to light the whole ground up instead of two or three. People mention that Daewon already did this trick or that other people did harder tricks, but they don’t know that they put the bar further out than before. Before you could just ride right over the bar. So people that talked crap really didn’t know what they were talking about.

Danny Garcia. This was supposed to be for a Lakai catalog, but they tricked us and made it into an ad, and Danny got mad. This is right in front of Costco. We basically just had to sit there and pretend like we weren’t shooting just to get this photo. It was one of those rushed photos, last minute they needed a catalog photo and then they turned it into an ad. And that’s the first time Danny did a backside 180 fakie 5-0, pop out in the middle, and the first time I used a panoramic photo for an ad. Skin lent me an X-pan.

This photo is of my roommate Cooper Wilt. We found this fiberglass edging, and we bondo’d that to the poles and spray painted it. The red was already there, but we spray painted the yellow.