Saturday, March 10th, it was decided that at 4:20 p.m. skaters far and wide would meet at the Fitroy bowl in Melbourne, Australia and Shred For Shane! The day couldn’t have gone better. The weather was perfect, there was food and beer for all in attendance, and the skate session didn’t slow all day. Shane was surely looking down smiling. Alex Chalmers, Chris Haslam, and Paul Machnau stopped by a fabric store and made heaps of headbands for everyone to wear. There were great tunes playing all day thanks to Dustin Dollin and his iPod, and there was even a genny and lights to keep the party going long after dark. Over the course of the afternoon, about 100 pizzas showed up to feed the crowd as well. As the sun dipped and the beer consumption reached its peak, the idea of stacking several full pizza boxes on the hip of the kiddy bowl was conceived. The local with the biggest ollie took to tackling the “leaning tower of pizza,” while all the homeys got background props and Mapstone snapped the flick. Immediately after the make, the rowdiest of food fights broke out. The jam raged on into the night at what was one of the most epic days of skating and celebration I’ve ever experienced.

A huge thank you goes out to Ewan Bowman, Matt Mumford, Chet Thomas, Morgan Campbell, Anthony and Andrew Mapstone and everyone else I left out that made this amazing day happen.
Shane Cross Forever—Your smile will never fade.
Get well Ali.

Check the slideshow and video attached to the left.