Words and photography by Yoon Sul

So I had to shoot Shane Heyl, and Beagle Oneism for something Shake Junt related on Friday. As I pull up to the Baker Boys warehouse, I was greeted by Erik Ellington telling me that I’m the guy who’s supposed to get Shane Heyl to his own surprise birthday party sesh at Andrew Reynold’s backyard paradise skatepark. Super hungover from my own b-day bash the night before, I started to get a little stressed out on that, trying to figure out how to get Shane to Andrew’s at exactly 4:30 p.m. I had a hour and a half to kill, so I dragged on the photo shoot for as long as I could, trying to figure out in my head the plan, man. So, finally, all I did was tell Shane that the people who needed the photograph, also needed a shot of him and Beagle at the GOAT’s studio at the Bossman’s place. Easy money. Shane bought the bait, and we were on our way to the “shoot.”  As he pulled up to the Bossman’s, he was surprised by the crew—Andrew Reynolds, Erik Ellington, Jim Greco, Bryan Herman, Kevin Long, Lizard King, the NUGE, Slash, Jeff Lenoce, and BeagleONEism, just to name a few.  He was even more surprised to see that the Bossman got his 4:30 p.m. skate curfew lifted in the neighborhood for Shane to skate… and that Shane did. He didn’t even stop for the catered tacos, and barely stopped even for his birthday cake. To say the least, Shane killed it. It was a nice little treat for Shane, as he and the GOAT and the Altamont team are now off to their east coast Skate Rock tour. If you’re in the neighborhood, give Shane a big happy B-day shout. Happy Bday Shane!!!




“That’s heavy bro!”


A future made man.


Back B-day crooks line for the B-day cake.


Celly break.


Erik’s secret to quitting cigarettes… the iCIG.


Herm dog getting his taco on.


Shane getting ready to make a wish…


Hope your wish came true Shane!


Kevin with a post quesadilla five-0 on the tranny.


Lenoce getting his buck on.


Lenoce showing the crew his tranny skills.


Lizard getting a fakie flip.


Lizard with a frontside flip.


Lizard’s backside heel.


Lizard with a textbook backside lipslide on the tranny.


No comply-no comprende.


Nuge bringing out his old friend, the heelflip.


Nuge getting his frontside 180 heel on.


Spanky, the Nuge, and Herm dog.


Textbook Slash frontside crooks for Shane.


The B-day boy was killing it. Switch crookie.


The Bossman showing Lizard that he has a steezy kickflip as well.