Shane “Nugget” O’Neill destroyed the monstrous Maloof course yesterday in the hot sun to qualify first. See who else ripped it up in the gallery below. The results looked like this:


1st – Shane O'Neill (19) Melbourne, Australia
2nd – Ryan DeCenzo (22) Vancouver, BC
3rd – Felipe Gustavo (18) Brasilia, Brazil
4th – Davis Torgerson (19) Plymouth, MN
5th – Louie Lopez (14) Hawthorne, CA
6th – Vincent Alvarez (20) West Covina, CA
7th – Morgan Smith (22) Toronto, Canada
8th –Theotis Beasley (18) Hawthorne, CA
9th – Manny Santiago (18) Lowell, MA
10th – Andrew Langi (18) Redwood City, CA
11th – Abdias Rivera (22) Tampa, FL
12th – Nick Merlino (21) Atlantic City, NJ

The Semi Finals are going down today. Check back this afternoon for photos.

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