Maybe you’ve been waiting for this moment? Maybe you have no idea what this is or what I’m talking about? I saw the Otherness Instagram account a few months ago and all I knew was that Marc Johnson was involved in one way or another because he was teasing it on his Instagram. Was it his company? No, not exactly… not really, no. Who were their riders? Well, I knew Marc was one. What exactly was Otherness? A board brand? An art project? An outlet for a few like-minded individuals? Read on.

Right now I think your best bet is to go here, to and read an interview with the Otherness owners/creators, Thom Hornung and Mat O'Brien. Every answer that you might have is most likely answered in that interview.

The boards are now available and they look really rad. The graphics are different and unique, like many graphics are in this thriving independent-era of skateboarding. And the mystery factor is something that will always keep me, personally, wanting more.

And while many retailers—both in-store and online—are now carrying Otherness, our friends at Tactics offer FREE SHIPPING with no minimum charge for those who either don’t have a local shop, or can’t make it to their local shop with ease. Take a look at a few of their first offerings below, from decks to tees to rad little snail stickers, Otherness is looking pretty tight and I’m excited to see what comes of this creative new brand. Be the first in your crew to cop one of these boards by clicking the images below!

Harmony t-shirt (white) | $28.95

Headspace t-shirt (black) | $28.95

Hamburger Eyes deck (9.25) | $57.95

Barker Barrett deck by Derrick Snodgrass | $49.95

Harmony deck by Derrick Snodgrass (8.25) | $49.95

Marc Johnson deck by Derrick Snodgrass (8.75) | $49.95