Austin Kanfoush
Sponsors: Axion Shoes, OJ Wheels, Oneup Boardshop, Santa Cruz

Frontside 180, photo: Bradford Bishop
It was hard for all of us to decide on who should have the last part in the video. Originally the video was going to be a promo for David Cole and he was going to have first and last part. Then we thought Ryan Harris should have last part, because the whole SHUFFL thing was his deal originally and his footy was looking epic. I think at the last second we decided to give it to Austin because he's just a G and his footy was super raw.
Austin started kicking it with us when he moved from Pittsburgh to be a student at San Diego State. He immediately got along with all of us and by Ryan's approval he was officially SHUFFL material. Austin is one of the most gifted skaters I've ever seen and when he skates he puts off a sort of Cardiel vibe that's contagiously positive and motivating when you're out skating. So much of this part was done on the whim and with gracious ease, which is why his part ended up being so deserving of the last part. Watch out for Austin in the future because he's going to blow minds. Also, check his part that just came out on the Axion site.—Walker Ryan

Guest Skaters: Kyle Nicholson, Nick Panza, Drew
Filmed by: Rob Starr, Ivery Turner, Cuong Lieng, Eric Lesar, Dan Connelly
Song: Ghostface Killah, The Champ
Edited by: Ivery Turner

And in case you missed the Re-edit of his part that was a Sk8Mafia Saturday a few months back, here it is.

Edited by: Walker Ryan
Song: Big L, Put it On