Dave Abair
Sponsors: 5Boro, Venture, Heavy Bolt Division, Bones Wheels, Lucky Bearings, Huff Shoes, Westside Skateshop, Talent Skatepark

Dave Abair started hanging out with us a few years back and would periodically sleep on the floor/couch of this skate house that John, David, Andy, and Ryan lived in down in San Diego. It’s almost impossible not to love the dude because his kind-hearted, genuine personality just pours out the moment you meet him and you immediately get the sense that he's one of the nicest people you'll ever meet. Dave is also one of the hardest working skateboarders in the industry, despite being what Low Card once called an "unsponsored am."  Dave currently lives in Oakland, California, works a graveyard shift at a dog kennel in San Francisco during the night, and is ready to skate the moment he gets off work—at 8 a.m. I don't know how he does it, but he manages to get so much skating done every week.
Dave's part was a blast to put together because he had at least 20 minutes of cool unique footage to sift through. So instead of having the footage just barely fit together, I tried to look for the most character out of the very best clips to compile a fully representative Dave Abair part. I'm proud Dave came through for our video and I might have to say that his is my favorite part in the video. Somebody please give this dude the green light and turn him into a "sponsored" am because it’s long overdue.—Walker Ryan

Dave Abair

Backside 50-50, photo: Chami

Guest Skater: Jeremy Reeves
Filmed by: Russell Houghten, Ramon Hess, Justin Carleson, Jacob Steinforth, P-Stone, Zach Chamberlain, Mike Thompson, Ivery Turner, and Ryan Garshell
Song: Eddie and Ernie, Bullets Don't Have Eyes
Edited by: Walker Ryan