Paul Sewell
Osiris, Pacific Drive, Theeve Trucks, Remind Insoles, Homey flow

Frontside noseslide. Photo: Hainault
I met Paul when I was 17 at Tampa Am. He immediately struck me as a very thoughtful and genuine person, unlike most of the crazy young lads running around that contest, and he had the dopest front crooks I'd ever seen! It was no surprise that when I moved to San Diego a year later we became good friends and it was equally unsurprising that he was already great friends with everyone in San Diego that I was meeting throughout that first year. Paul busts his ass on and off his skateboard with whatever he's doing, which explains why it was so easy for him to get through San Diego State with an Economics degree while never ceasing to push himself and progress on a skateboard.
Paul was able to bounce around quite a bit throughout the period of time we were filming, which is why his part stands out so strong. Even though the majority of this video was filmed in San Diego, it is nice to see a mix of East Coast spots in there as well, especially coming from a San Diego native. Paul really helped make this video happen and was determined to get it out there no matter the cost. Whether it was tracking down footage of every last homey who we wanted in the video, to helping get sponsorship money, Paul wasn't going to let anything get in the way of putting this video out. Paul's part came out great and despite having a full time job putting together concert stages he's still out everyday skating hard and enjoying his deep love for skateboarding.—Walker Ryan

Guest Skaters: Ben Skrzypek, Brian Emmers
Filmed by: Russell Houghten, Cuong Lieng, Ivery Turner, Ramon Hess, Alex Lewendowski, Cameron Holland, Cameron Sanches, Bryan Callaghan, Ryan Alvarado, Elliot Vecchia, Cuong Ngo, Cory Williams, Zack Mckenzie, Austin Mayer and Chris Ray
Song: Otis Redding, Higher
Edited by: Walker Ryan