Tom Remillard
Anti Hero, Spitfire, Brixton, Converse, Ace Trucks, Diamond Supply Co, Route 44, Stance Socks, Daf Coozies

Tom Remillard's part came together at pretty much the last second. I'd received a call from Tom a few months before we started editing the video and he had asked if he could have his unused footy go towards our video. After talking for a minute, we decided he should just go ahead and have a full part. Tom Grom's been hanging out with all of us for as long as I've been down in San Diego and it was only appropriate he had a full part. But by the time we were almost done editing the video, we barely had any of Tom's footage! Some how in the last week or two we were able to track down every random, lingering trick Tom's filmed over the last year or so and by some stroke of luck he ended up having a full part! Ivery and Tom put together this masterpiece the night before the premiere and I can honestly say it’s one of my favorite parts in the vid. I wanted his part to show the transformation from the infamous grom to the grown man destroyer! He's one of my favorite skaters and this part shows why, but wait until you watch him in person, it's a whole other experience!—Walker Ryan


How to break a fisheye lens. Photo: Blair

Guest skaters: Stu Graham, Peter Hewitt, Neil Heddings, Brandon Perelson
Filmed by: Russell Houghten, Ivery Turner, Dave Haong, Cuong Lieng, Shockus, P-Stone
Song: Billy Preston, Nothing From Nothing
Edited by: Ivery Turner