Shuriken Shannon’s Pro Party

On November 20th, 2007, San Diego’s brightest star, Shuriken Shannon stepped into the professional leagues while partygoers stepped into the darkness. Black Label, Osiris, and Pacific Drive hosted a party at the Live Wire to commemorate Shuriken’s professional debut. Friends gathered around Shuriken’s “Premium Dark rookie pro board and commented on the realistic condensation of an instant classic, ready to drink graphic from Black Label. In addition to many of Shuriken’s boards hung throughout the bar, Black Label screen-printed Shuiken’s board graphic onto pint glasses and coasters for all to enjoy. A crew assembled of Shuriken’s teammates from Black Label and Osiris was on hand to celebrate his big night. From the Label there was Adam Alfaro, Kyle Leeper, Jeff Grosso, John Lucero, Peter Watkins, Lance Conklin, and from Osiris there was James Brockman, Stu Graham, John Lupfer, along with plenty of staff from both brands and SD local pros, Peter Hewitt, Dan Connelly and new transplant, Kyle Berard. Most of the guests walked away with more than a few of the pints and it’s safe to say “here’s to Shuriken will be echoing throughout many skaters’ homes. Osiris’ latest release, Feed The Need played on TV screens throughout the bar, and everyone got several helpings of Shuriken’s outstanding video part. Congratulations Shuriken on your well-deserved professional status, here’s to many more years of amazing skateboarding.

Cheers, Mike Fitz

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