Shuriken Shannon’s Pro! (Web Exclusive Interview)

Interview by Carleton Curtis

Congrats on turning pro man. How did Black Label break the news to you?
I just went up to Label and John (Lucero) was there with a room blocked off. Then I went into the room and saw all these boards on the wall, looked closer at ’em, saw my name, and was like, “Oh shit! Then everybody started clapping and shit. It was a cool surprise.

What kind of graphics are you rolling out?
I’ve got a ninja-star board, ‘cus that’s what my name represents. And a dragon board and all this other shit.

You should rejuvinate the Wu-Tang craze on boards.
Yeah I got some ideas.

What happened after the Feed The Need premiere? I heard there were multiple arrests.
Yeah, a lot of my homies got beat down arrested. You know those poles with the red ropes outside? My homey Danny came stumblin’ out and knocked one of the bouncers in the head with those things. Then he got the full beatdown from all the bouncers. He ended up in the hospital with all these stitches and a lawsuit over his head. It was crazy.

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