Shut’s NYC Store Opening

Preview Opening of the “Shut Skates Mechanics Shop”
158 Orchard street. NY, NY.
February 7th 2008.

Ok, so, I went to Shut around noon to help set up the shop for the big event that was gonna take place at eight o’clock. As soon as I got there, I realized that Alicia Keys was randomly there too. She was shooting a commercial literally right next door to the Shut store. So there was basically this big production going on right outside of the Shut store which was awesome because it helped bring some more attention to us. Not that we needed it. Everything that we were doing began sparking everyone’s curiosity and interests from the production crew to your random person walking or driving by. The Shut store was definitely attracting and intriguing people in the area with that raw New York City look and feel that you can’t copy, you have to live it to know what I’m talking about. We were nowhere near done with the store and we had customers already. OG Shut veteran “Puppet head” even stopped by for a minute to congratulate Rodney Smith, Adam Schatz, and Eli Gesner on their success of the Shut store. Another awesome part of the day happened while we were merchandizing the Shut store with all of Shut’s quality products (boards and clothes). We received our first delivery! A very generous donation from our friends over at Budweiser. I think it was like 30 or 40 cases of beer for us to set off the evening. Thanks guys! We really appreciate it. Finally, after all the hype, some good hard work and long hours of preparation, the preview opening of the Shut Skates Mechanics Shop was definitely in full effect.

The turnout was amazing. The whole NYC skateboarding community came out to witness and celebrate the birth of the long awaited Shut shop. The Shut skate team was holdin’ it down on the set, reppin’ for the brand. Luis Tolentino brought his lady friend, Todd Jordan was chillin’ with all the ladies, and Felix was rockin’ them Paul Wall grillz, while I was shooting photos of everything going on. Every genre of NYC skateboarding made it to the night of catastrophic proportions that ended at 205 Club on Christie Street in some drunk dancing with hot girls and almost fist fights over miscommunications—”Niggas is wildin’ out son!” There was also an after, after, after party at Max Fish with Tino Razo holdin’ down the bar. You had to have been there, and if you weren’t, then you blew it. Shut Skates since 1986 “Don’t act like you don’t know.”—Rodney Torres