Sierra Fellers Web Exclusive Interview

Sierra Fellers Web Exclusive Interview

What you up to?

Just gettin’ a bunch of old video games together to go trade at Game Stop for some new ones.

F—k yeah! The Game Stop swap. We used to get a bunch of video games in here and I’d run that one every few months. You got PS3 or Xbox 360?

We got Xbox 360 a little while ago. We got Tiger Woods Golf and Halo 3.

Do you have EA Skate?

Yeah, we got that, too. It’s pretty fun. It’s really hard, we get so pissed.

But it’s kind of like the first time you played Tony Hawk’s Pro Skater, that was pretty hard, too. Did you see the guy that recreated Guy Mariano’s part?

No way.

It’s so gnarly.

You could probably YouTube it, huh?

Well, we did an interview with Silas Baxter-Neal about being a rookie pro so I thought we could do one with you too. So, your first pro graphic was a flannel shirt. Who came up with that?

A designer at Foundation, my roommate, and I.

Is that because you hunt, or do you live near the woods?

I don’t even know. He pulled it up and we started getting ideas and stuff. It turned into a T-shirt and I think they’re gonna do bandanas, too.

Oh, flair? Flair packages?

Yeah, swag packages.

Swag’danas. Didn’t your C1RCA ad have shotgun shells and guns and stuff?


Do you hunt?

A little, when I’m in Montana. I just got a gun the last time I was there. A little 22.

What other guns do you use to hunt?

Like shotguns. It depends on what you’re shooting. Like duck hunting—usually a shotgun.

You f—kin’ shoot ducks with a shotgun?!

Yeah, if they’re in the air. Like they’re far away.

Oh, okay.

I’m never home during a hunting season so we just go and shoot little squirrels and gophers in fields.

You ever do any big game hunting?

No, I wish. I think this winter I’m gonna go back and shoot some deer.

Are you chilling in Long Beach right now?


I heard you younger guys on C1RCA get rowdy on trips.

Yeah, it gets pretty rowdy. It’s a bunch of kids in a country we’ve never been in. Just basically going apesh-t. No rules, nothin’.

Have you guys toned it down?

No, tours are still just as crazy as they used to be, for sure.

Who gets the craziest?

The team manager (laughs).

Give us one small snapshot of a situation.

Okay, let me get in my car so it’ll be more quiet (laughs). I got a story. I got so many running through my brain right now.

Just one, I’d love to hear ’em all, but…

Alright. This was just a couple tours ago, we did a trip through Canada. We were somewhere around Calgary. It’s like 4 in the morning, I’m almost asleep. All of a sudden I hear pounding on my door, and “Sierra! And the team manager has a raspy voice, if you’ve ever met him. I’m like, what the hell? I’m rooming with him at this point. I open the door and Ryan, the team manager, is as the door next to our room with his shirt off, yelling, and pounding on the door. I’m like, “Ryan, what the hell are you doing? And he’s like, “Oh, shit! He runs and he dives into our room. Then he’s like, “What’s up? I said, “I’m trying to sleep. He’s like, “Oh, yeah? I’m trying to get laid. Later. And then he just leaves. He just wanted to come see what I was doing, tell me he’s trying to get laid, and dip.

Does anyone ever call you Sierra Mist?

Yeah, I was at a party and we were yelling at these girls. We went over to meet them and there was a guy with them. I was like, “Hey, what’s up man, I’m Sierra, to the guy there and he said, “Oh what’s up, I’m Mist. Total dickhead.

What’s the best hip hop ssong you’ve heard lately?

I don’t really know. Antwuan Dixon’s been at my house for the past three months listening to it nonstop.

What’s he doing at your house?

He just kinda hangs out. We film with a guy named Cricket. He’s been filming with Antwuan, and then Antwuan knows a lot of people around Long Beach, so he just started coming over, and then I think he just stayed.

That must be entertaining.

He’s rad. He definitely gets faded, though. But the past three months, I’ve been home maybe two weeks.

Does he sleep in your bed while you’re gone?

Nah, on the couch.

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