Just in time for Christmas here is December Sightings with photos featuring Jake Donnelly, Kellen James, Roberto Aleman, Grant Patterson, Caswell Berry, Lucas Puig.  Shot by Mike O'meally, Oliver Barton, Shigeo, Seu Trinh, Dave Chami, and Skin Phillips.

Jake Donnelly. Ollie over fire hydrant in NYC. PHOTO:  O’MEALLY

Kellen James. Switch backside noseblunt-slide in Palm Springs, California. PHOTO:  BARTON

Roberto Aleman. Gap to crooked grind in Long Beach, California. PHOTO:  SHIGEO

Grant Patterson. Nollie 270 heelflip in Tucson, Arizona. PHOTO:  TRINH

Caswell Berry. Frontside boardslide in San Jose, California. PHOTO:  CHAMI

Lucas Puig. Backside lipslide in London, England. PHOTO:  SKIN