Sightings: February 2012

Happy Leap Year Day! Today is so rare, we're celebrating with a big gallery of exclusive photos from our Senior Photographers. Click on through to see photos of Sascha Daley, Andrew Allen, Keelan Dadd, Andrew Brophy, Danny Supa, and more.

EVAN SMITH. Kickflip to Fakie in San Francisco, California. PHOTO:  CHAMI

Sascha Daley. Ollie in Denver, Colorado.  PHOTO:  CHAMI

Keelan Dadd. Backside nosegrind nollie out in New York, New York.  PHOTO:  TRINH

Andrew Allen.  Noseslide pop over in Huntington Beach, California.  PHOTO:  O’MEALLY

Danny Supa. Switch crooked grind in Los Angeles, California.  PHOTO:  TRINH

Andrew Brophy, Ollie in Melbourne, Australia.  PHOTO:  BARTON