Before it’s too late here is January Sightings featuring exclusive photos of Gilbert Crockett, Abdias Rivera, Fred Gall, Cooper Wilt, Matty Hunt, and Chico Brenes shot by Mike O’meally, Dave Chami, Shigeo, Seu Trinh, and Blair Alley.

 Gilbert Crockett. Frontside 50-50 transfer in Los Angeles, California. PHOTO:  O’MEALLY

Abdias Rivera. Backside tailslide in San Francisco, California. PHOTO: CHAMI

Fred Gall. Switch boardslide in Albuquerque, New Mexico. PHOTO:  SHIGEO

Cooper Wilt.  Kickflip in Los Angeles, California. PHOTO:  TRINH

Matty Hunt. Ollie in Walnut Creek, California.  PHOTO:  BLAIR


Chico Brenes. Tailslide to flat in Tokyo, Japan. PHOTO:  CHAMI