SIGHTINGS: March 2012

Get your fix of skate photography this month with some web exclusive photos of Dill, Chris Pfanner, Bledsoe, Angel Ramirez, Ryan Spencer, Jimmy Carlin, and Josh Matthews.

JASON DILL. Frontside 180 fakie manual in Los Angeles, California. PHOTO: SKIN

CHRIS PFANNER. Backside 180 in Sydney, Australia. PHOTO: O’MEALLY

TYLER BLEDSOE. Frontside flip in Los Angeles, California. PHOTO: BARTON

ANGEL RAMIREZ. Backside noseblunt-slide in Los Angeles, California. PHOTO: TRINH

RYAN SPENCER. Backside ollie in Berkeley, California. PHOTO: MULLER

JIMMY CARLIN. Switch frontside heelflip in the Inland Empire, California. PHOTO: SHIGEO

JOSH MATTHEWS. Switch ollie in San Francisco, California. PHOTO: CHAMI