Sightings: May 2012

Here are some web exclusive skate photos for May Sightings featuring Davis Torgerson, Neen Williams, Derek Fukuhara, Fred Gall, Andrew Brophy, Taylor Smith and more.

Davis Torgerson. Switch backside lipslide in San Leandro, California. PHOTO: CHAMI

Nakel Smith. Ollie in Los Angeles, California. PHOTO: O'MEALLY

Fred Gall. Frontside wallride in Albuquerque, New Mexico. PHOTO: SHIGEO

Derek Fukuhara. Nosebonk in Long Beach, California. PHOTO: TRINH

Taylor Smith. Wallie frontside 180 to switch crooked grind in Los Angeles, California. PHOTO: MULLER

Neen Williams. Pop shove-it in Los Angeles, California. PHOTO: TRINH

Andrew Brophy. Backside tailslide in Melbourne, Australia. PHOTO: BARTON