It’s time for November Sightings with photos featuring Torey Pudwill, Stefan Janoski, Danny Brady, JT Aultz, Donovon Piscopo, and Silas Baxter-Neal shot by photographers Dave Chami, Seu Trinh, Oliver Barton, Blair Alley, Shigeo, and Mike O’Meally.

Torey Pudwill. Ollie over to backside nosebluntslide to fakie in Denver, Colorado. PHOTO: CHAMI


Stefan Janoski. Switch Ollie in Los Angeles, California. PHOTO: TRINH

Danny Brady. Frontside tailslide in Oakland, California. PHOTO: BARTON


JT Aultz. Frontside feeble in Walnut Creek, California. PHOTO: BLAIR

Donovon Piscopo. Backside bluntslide transfer in Denver, Colorado. PHOTO: SHIGEO



Silas Baxter-Neal. Frontside nosegrind in Australia.  PHOTO:  O’MEALLY