Welcome to October Sightings. Exclusive for skateboarding.com, you won’t see these anywhere else. Check out photos of Javier Mendizabal, Jerry Mraz, Davis Torgerson, Youness Amrani, and Jimmy Carlin. Photography by Mike O’meally, Dave Chami, Oliver Barton, Seu Trinh, and Shigeo.

Javier Mendizabal. Backside Smith grind in Malibu. PHOTO: O’MEALLY


Jerry Mraz. Backside noseblunt in NYC. PHOTO: CHAMI

2-jerry-mraz-photo-chamiDavis Torgerson. Switch nosegrind in Sacramento. PHOTO: BARTON

3-davis-torgerson-photo-bartonYouness Amrani. Ollie over to feeble grind in LA. PHOTO: TRINH

4-youness-amrani-photo-trinhJimmy Carlin. Frontside heelflip in the Inland Empire. PHOTO: SHIGEO