Words by Carleton Curtis

Does your name have a hyphen in it or not?

Yeah, between the Baxter and the Neal, there’s a hyphen. But I always see it differently. When I write my name, I put a hyphen in it and that’s the way it looks on my birth certificate. When I see my name without a hyphen, it’s not like I say, “Dude, there’s no hyphen in my name!

I’m sure we’ve spelled it both ways plenty of times. So what’s up with the Toebock filming mission you’re on today?

It’s kind of a homey video we’re trying to put together. Toebock Industries man! Maybe some day it’ll be a real company.

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Yeah, but we’re trying to do a full-on legit video. Someday at least. A whole sh-tload of people are in it—mostly people Adam Crew knows. Julian, Jerrod Saba, Tyler Price. I don’t know. Kids basically. (Laughs)

You’re one of skateboarding’s newest pros. How does it feel to see a board with your name written on it?

Honestly, it’s a little bit weird. It’s pretty awkward if you’re at a skate park and you’re carrying your board around. So I usually put stickers over my name. But it’s cool, you know what I mean? It makes you feel good and appreciated. But it’s still new and awkward.

What’s the secret formula these days to become pro?

Aside from being a good skateboarder, just having the right attitude and wanting to skateboard. Plus being a cool kid and meeting the right people. Just be a normal human being, you know? Don’t try to be crazy or have some kind of gimmick—that sh-t doesn’t last. Your personality should be the backing up your skateboarding, not the other way around.

You’ve got three videos dropping around the same time: Toebock, éS, and Habitat. Do a little compare and contrast for us.

My Habitat part is the part that I’ve actually put a lot of time and thought into. It’s been three years of filming. When I got on éS, they were doing a video, so all the éSpecial footage came specifically from éS trips. I didn’t have a lot of time to focus on that video, so the Habitat has been my main focus. As for Toebock, me and Adam just accumulate footage from our trips together. No stress at all.

Which videos are you looking forward to seeing?

I’d like to see a few of the parts in the Nike video. And the Lakai video too—everybody’s been hyping that up, but I’m kinda over waiting for it. And Static 3 is gonna be really good.

Josh will be stoked to hear that.

His last video was amazing. A Manfre part, man? That’ll be sick.

Last question: Who’s got the best hippie jumps?

Omar, man. Hands down. It should be called “The Salazar.