Six dudes and a Bucket: The Supernaut Am Team in the Northwest

Words would be hard to describe the four-wheeled beast Supernaut ams, Nick Matlin, Chris Head, Carlos Young, Will Harmon and myself along with Aaron Brown would be touring in for three long and hard weeks to the great Northwest. With no radio, loose suspension, a bald tire or two, and sunken seats you could barely see out of. It was apparent that there would be no flossing on this trip. It was a done deal though, there was no turning back. We just hope the beast we appropriately titled “The Superbucket” come through and bring us back home. With our itinerary, cash and the superbucket we began the journey from San Francisco towards Portland, home of our first demo. Ten delirious hours later we reached the Oregon border and a roach motel to crash our heads. There can be nothing more annoying than an early morning knock on the door from our good friend “housekeeping”, do you go to school to learn that annoying jingle? “Howzkeeeeeing,” ask anyone that’s been on the road, they can recite it perfectly. It was 9 am they need to put on clean sheets we need sleep.The early morning wake-up didn’t dissuade us though, we had plans for Portland and we high-tailed it in the bucket to check out what spots the town had to offer and meet Supernaut am Trevor Prescott on the way up. We got word that our first demo had been cancelled. So the plan was to meet at the legendary Burnside Park. That place is amazing and the skaters that utilize it are on a whole different level. Where else can you see someone tearing up lines with a Pabst in one hand and a smoke in the other? A few runs later and our jaws dropped from the locals ability to hit every inch of the park, we hit the streets of P-Town. A few rolls later and dv footage captured, the day had turned into night and we called it a State and headed towards Seattle, WA and our next demo. Grunge and needles. That’s was my impression of Seattle before we came upon our friend Marshall, the spot guru who thankfully chaperoned us to every spot the Seattle area has to offer and had the hospitality to keep us up for a few nights. Our first demo had passed and the crew had become pretty tight, many a trick was laid down and autographs were signed. After a few days in the city we needed to break out and head to Montana and our next demo. Thanks for everything Seattle.After days of seeing nothing but cows and cornfields, it was obvious that perhaps we had left some sort of civilization. Oh yeah! We’re in the middle of nowhere. That didn’t dissuade us though, as we drove around the sticks looking for spots. At times it could be like finding a needle in the haystack, while at other times we had thought we’d struck gold. The bucket was pulling through and the demos were blazing by. Next thing we knew, we were in Colorado. Home of our last two demos and recognizable spots. By this time some of the crew had become a bit road weary and it was apparent. You need to be both physically and mentally fit to be on the road. We kept perusing spots though and everyone broke off with footage and photos before saying goodbye to the road and heading back home.Hijinx and Mischief are always a second away on the road, but like they say what goes on on the road usually stays on the road, so do yourself a favor and hit the open road. I guarantee that you’ll have stories for months to come, even though many are kept amongst your homies.