Skate shops will always be the backbone of skateboarding in my eyes. Despite how big these mall or online retailers get, or how wide of a web the Internet creates—small, core skate shops will always provide certain things that other outlets cannot. And they’re ultimately a good way to remind kids growing up in this insane digital age that skateboarding will always be ours as long as we want it to be.


2016 Shop Showdown Final Four results.

This was the second year we hosted a Shop Showdown video contest, but this year was a little different. The final four shops were flown to Long Beach, California, to compete on the newly updated Dew Tour course and format to determine the winner. The first official day of Dew Tour started with our four Shop Showdown finalists hitting the course: Sixth Ave. from Nashville, Tennessee; Index from Dallas, Texas; 35th Avenue from Federal Way, Washington; and Blindside from Tulsa, Oklahoma. Needless to say, it was a solid way to set the tone for the remainder of the weekend. And despite a few last minute injuries, everyone ripped each section like it was nobodies business!


Congrats to Sixth Avenue from Nashville, Tennessee, for taking the cake this year! We’ll see you all in 2017.

Funneled down from 16 shops across the country, four riders were handpicked from each shop and before they knew it they were on a plane flying to the 90+ degree Southern California weather. It was a fun weekend and everyone killed it. Congrats to Sixth Avenue (Nashville, Tennessee) for taking 1st! But I think it’s safe to say all four of these shops were the winners. Can’t wait to see all of you dudes again soon! For more coverage from our 2016 Shop Showdown and Dew Tour, head over to We’ll see you next year!