Sk8mafia Am Video Premiere Photos

I don’t have to tell you the house was packed with pretty much every skater in SD. Last night the La Jolla Museum Of Contemporary Art, which probably hasn’t had a skate video premiere since TransWorld‘s The Reason, held two capacity crowd showings of the full-length Sk8mafia video. You can probably guess who had last part, and he didn’t disappoint. After all was said and done, many people claimed some of the gnarliest footage in the video may have belonged to Jamie Palmore and Brandon Turner (who, by the way, is out of the cage and was in the theater). The Friends section is nice and long and the soundtrack has plenty of classic California gangster rap. Be sure to stick around after the credits for an introductory part of new guy Marshall Heath. Oh and today there is a massive skate jam down at Memorial Park.

And here are the photos pasted in rather than in the Flash player. Let us know what you think:

Willy Santos, Mike Stacks, Mr. Mira Mesa, and one more homey.

Who knew Tune and I would wear the same shirt?

Danny Wallace and Tune Tran.

Spencer Nuzzi.

Ari Evan Gold and his grill.

Pacific Drive employees and their signs.

Nick Tucker and his homey.

Jacob Walder back to his SD roots.

Tyler Surrey and Paul Sewell.

The gang’s all here.

Jimbodini and Wes.

If you’re a fan of that one Sk8mafia board, this is one of the girls.

Allen Ying, Ryan Harris, and once again, John Lupfer is always wrangling trim.

A meeting of the minds.

Wes and Truman Hooker.

Kellen and his lady.

Preebz, Mike Fitz, and the family Stone.

JT Aultz and Big Ernie Torres, overwhelmed with emotion.

OGs, Li’l B and ODS.

Tosh Rice is still around.


The TransWorld crew.

Gang signs everywhere.

Larelle skated to an Ice-T gem.

As the VIP showing let out, there was a line of kids waiting for the public showing.

Tangy and Papa Bear with limited Wes/DC Ts.

Jimmy Cao and Shuriken.

Shuriken was not happy with Jamie’s part--he said it was too gnarly. It’s tough to be a pro these days.

Look at this crew: Walker, Bo-dini, and Ryan Harris.

Old school homeys, Willy and DC.

I had to get a photo with one of the Dons, who wouldn’t?

Exclusive Jamie Palmore shirts were there too!