Sk8mafia Saturdays DIY Contest 6th–10th Place

Thanks to all the crews that participated, all of your entries were dope! We were only going to post the top 5, but since there were so many good entries, we decided to post the top 10. Here is 6th through 10th place. On June 5 we’ll post first place! Enjoy, SK8MAFIA4LIFE!
10th place
THE SET: PH Park Rats
Featuring: Kevin Viernes, Korey Escobar, & Preston Burris
Filmed and edited by: Preston Burris
9th place

The SET: Colombia

Featuring: Oscar Lowenthal, John Bejarano, Miguel Acevedo, Jean Carlos Gonzales, John Torres, and Juan Carlos Rojas.

Filmed and edited by: Juaner Romero

8th place

The SET: Good? No reply

Featuring: Some G's

Filmed and edited by: Harrison Bond

7th Video
THE SET: San Diego
Featuring: Jarrett Toomey, Jake Taylor, Andrew Ham, Terry Ham, Alex Pourfard, Davis Sarvey, Brett White, Brendon Anderson, and Matt Delguidice
Filmed and edited by: Cole Montminy
6th place

The SET: Just4Kicks Moreno Valley, Ca.

Featuring: Anthony Leon, Winston Rawls, Franklin Medina, Charles Paras, Mark Garriffo, Cameron Spivey, Brenton Vincent, Lamar Jones, Eduardo Craig, & The Taylor Gang Posse.

Filmed and edited by: Anthony Leon