Skate Camp Calendar Summer 2006

This One Time, At Skate Camp…

With summer vacation right around the corner and your parents stressin’ you about doing something constructive this year, tell them you want to go to skate camp. It beats three months of mowing lawns and emptying out your grandma’s bedpan. Here is a list of prices and dates for the choicest skate camps across the country. So rip this page out, grab your favorite “I Love You, Mom” magnet, and post it on the refrigerator.

Oregon Skate Farm Camp

Salem, Oregon

Four days of skating-$495

Camp begins June 18, ends August 16

(970) 372-4564

Denver Skate Camp

Denver, Colorado

Four days of skating-$495

Camp begins June 18, ends August 16

(970) 372-4564

Offering a taste of the great outdoors or a migration to the Mile High City, these two camps use a number of parks and street spots as their training ground while keeping a bigger local park as a home base. Look for a Web update soon announcing a traveling skate camp where campers are given an extended stay while they road-trip it to spots across the state with pros and ams.

Woodward West Skate Camp

Tehachapi, California

One week of skating-$845 to $945

Camp begins June 11, ends August 19

(661) 822-7900

Woodward Lake Owen Skate Camp

Lake Owen, Michigan

One week of skating-$695 to $825

Camp begins June 11, ends August 12

(715) 798-3785

Woodward Skate Camp

Woodward, Pennsylvania

One week of skating – $795 to $945

Camp begins June 4, ends August 26

(814) 349-5633

By far one of the largest camps out there, Woodward combines its endless wood and concrete skate terrain with a long list of top-name pros-Donny Barley, Tony Hawk, Bam Margera, and Kerry Getz have shown up in years past-that are guaranteed to join in on your session. The East and West Coast locations may be a better choice, but it’s hard to go wrong when you have every rail, ledge, stair, and transition concoction at your skate disposal.

Visalia Skate Camp

Visalia, California

Six days of skating-$629

Camp begins June 25, ends August 18

(559) 627-0700

Element has combined forces with the YMCA to make this camp, located at the edge of Lake Sequoia, the perfect skate destination to polish your skills, or lack thereof. With a complete rebuild of the park each year and likely drop-ins from your favorite Element riders-maybe a Colt, a Tosh, or a Bam-Visalia remains a West Coast top pick.

Rye Airfield Skatepark Ramp Camp

Rye, New Hampshire

Two to five days of skating-$99 to $399

Camp begins June 14, ends August 30

(603) 964-2800

5boro pro Charlie Wilkins will be running the show at this East Coast camp hot spot, so you know the skating is going to get gnarly. This 50,000-square-foot indoor park houses a hefty street course and a handful of transitions including a vert ramp and three concrete bowls to get your shred on. Look out for a possible Bucky Lasek drop-in, too.

Windells Skate Camp

Mt. Hood, Oregon

Seven to ten days of skating-$500 to $1,320

Camp begins June 4, ends August 26

(503) 622-3736

Located on a mountaintop that’s covered in snow year round, this camp has an outdoor concrete paradise and an indoor park for those bitter-cold skate days. Also home to a summer snowboard camp, Shaun White has been known to ride the ramps-vert and street-and then hit the snowpark.

Eisenbergs Skate Camp

Plano, Texas

Five to seven days of skating-$365 to $645

Camp begins June 11, ends August 5

(972) 516-9807

Though fame Rollerblader Arlo Eisenberg and his parents built and operate this park, the camp is 100-percent skateboarding once you hit the large indoor park. But get your best “kook” and “fruitbooter” shout outs ready for anytime a Rollerblader comes into sight.

Zero Gravity Roller Sports Skate Caamp

Rutland, Vermont

Six days of skating-$675

Camp begins July 3, ends August 12

(802) 786-2468

Going through the entire motions, campers at Zero Gravity are given an early-morning stretch, flexibility, and skate session followed by hands-on lessons from instructors. Filmers will be following you throughout your session, but don’t get spooked. After the skating is done, campers throw the tapes in the VCR and study their tricks frame-by-frame.

Waterville Valley Skate Camp

Waterville, California

Camp begins June 30, ends August 11

Three to 22 days of skating-$200 to $2,125

(603) 236-8311, ext. 3455

Campers here are put up in Town Square condos that-aside from the full kitchen, living room, and two bathrooms-are stocked with an assortment of skate videos for their viewing pleasure. When day breaks, there are three wood parks to choose from: one catering to beginners, and two others filled with transitions, a street course, and a mini ramp.

Point X Skate Camp

Aguanga, California

Camp begins June 4, ends August 26

One week to two weeks of skating-$845 to $1590

(951) 767-0610

The ramp designers at this camp can brag that they’ve built up the ramps at the X Games, so you know the 75,000 square feet of park is going to be no joke. And with pros such as Willy Santos, Ryan Sheckler, and Danny Way making appearances in years past, campers will have to eagerly wait for the next big names to show up this summer.

Black Pearl Skate Camp

Cayman Islands

Camp dates and prices TBD

(345) 947-4161

Set on one of the scattered islands off the coast of Florida, these 52,000 square feet of outdoor concrete park-the largest in the world-await camping skate pirates to conquer their terrain. Besides skating with El Selego, Adelmo Jr., and a handful of other pros, this camp places you steps from white sandy beaches, clear ocean water, and in the midst of tropical paradise. Take it from us, it’s gnaaarghly.

High Cascade

Government Camp, Oregon

Camp begins June 15, ends August 5

Eight days of skating-$995 to $1,900

(800) 334-4272

Be prepared to skate the camp’s wooden park by morning, hop in the private shuttle van and hit up nearby Oregon parks by day, then head back home for one more sesh by night. Also, with camp registration you get a free subscription to TransWorld SKATEboarding-need I say more or are you already signing up?