Skate & Create II was a smashing success this year, and with the mag on the shelves, we wanted to wrangle up all four amazing videos in one easy to browse article. So here you go, we find they get better and better with each viewing.

DVS Wood


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Intro by Matthew Deak, DVS Art Director What you see is what you get. If I were to explain it in the most basic of terms, there was a stack of wood and there was skating. Doubles to be exact. The best part about skateboarding like all other forms of activities that can be elevated to art, is obviously they are open to subjective discussion. No "good" and "bad" or "yes" and "no", but a lot of interesting things between the extremes. more …

C1RCA Broken Dreams


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Intro by Dennet Oyanguren, C1RCA Creative Director The Broken Dreams concept was to put together a short film about skateboarding achieving a few different things. One was to put skateboarding and the viewer in a different environment than normal. The other was to have the team put together obstacles that they would like to see and session out in the real streets, that are good for tricks, as well as challenging and interesting to look at; design them, build them, and put those obstacles in our unique setting. more …

etnies The Legend Of Boxton Square


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Intro by Terry Snyder, etnies Art Director We aired out a lot of ideas leading up to S&C, but it was Mike Manzoori's dream sequence storyboard filled with a cardboard city that had us sold. It fit what we wanted to do visually—the photos and video would be equally striking, and it was "do-able." The props were lightweight, mostly recycled, the unknown obstacles could be styled to match our set, the video had a beginning, middle, and end, and it was guaranteed to be unique. The stage was set. more …

DC In The City


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Intro by Mike Blabac, DC Shoes Staff Photographer Basically our idea was to re-create cities by simply printing our black-and-white backdrops, and make the supplied obstacles look like real skate spots. We kept everything really simple to the point of being ghetto at times not to overproduce it and make it as skate as possible. more …

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