Skate & Create x Daewon Song x DVS Giveaway

UPDATE: winners were chosen and contacted today. Scroll down to the comments for the answers. Thanks to all who entered! Stay tuned for an amazing Geoff Rowley/Flip/Extremely Sorry giveaway coming to soon!

You’ve seen DVS‘ winning Skate & Create entry in our new issue, and you’ve seen its video on our site. Now get your hands on a Daewon Song autographed cover of our first ever Skate & Create issue, and a pair of DVS’ new Dayton shoes!

Here’s what you gotta do to win:

Register on our homepage, then answer the following Daewon trivia in the comment box below.

Daewon Song is from what country?

Who was Daewon’s first board sponsor?

Daewon has a tattoo on his arm. What is it?

What song did Daewon skate to in the almost video Round 3?

After riding for World Industries, Daewon left to start what company?

Instead of skateboarding, Daewon’s parents wanted him to take up what occupation?

How does Daewon ride his trucks? Loose, tight, or regular?

How many years has Daewon been sponsored by DVS?

First person to get them all right wins the signed cover and a pair of Daytons.

Three runners up will get a pair of Daytons.

Get to it!

DVS dayton

DVS Dayton