Skateboarding.Com’s Five-Step Program To Keep Your Spot Alive

1. Keep your spots clean

Trash and empty Slurpee cups mean people have been there. When you’re sessioning a spot keep it free from soda cans, banana peels, and other miscellaneous garbage. It’s as simple as picking up your trash when you leave. That way people won’t even know you’ve been there, and you can keep the spot alive. When trash builds up people begin to wonder, “Where is all this trash coming from?” It will only be a matter of weeks before the business will hire a security guard to keep their sacred blocks from ever getting sessioned again, or worse yet install spikes, thus rendering your spot unskateable forever.

2. Never Session During Business Hours

What kind of no-brainer is this? If a business is open, don’t skate it. If you only follow rules one and five, you will most likely be ‘scott free’ skating the spot after hours. The funny thing is, what will “Joe Blow” business man think when he looks down at his trousers, only do discover it covered with wax. After a while he might get wise to the waxing shananigans and set up video cameras at the spot.

3. If a Rent – A – Cops Shows Up Leave, Then Come Back Later

They come in all different sizes, shapes, and genders….. but the fact is, security guards have no more rights to arrest you than than the average person. It would be the best to meet security guards that “Used to skate”, and will most likely turn the other cheek and acually let you skate. Unfortunetely, most security guards like to front a police presence and are not afraid to show it. If you do encounter a security guard, the wise move to do would be to leave. I’ve found the secret to most security guards is rather simple, they can’t guard your spot all day, but they also have other duties to do. What you have to do is basically scope out the guard, see how long he/she will be between the spot you are skating, and their return visit. This might be anywhere from one hour to three hours. If for some reason they show up, then leave. Most of them don’t like people talking back to them and will call the cops, which basically gives you about 15 minutes to leave the spot. If the security guard manages to get your license plate or photo, don’t fret. What are they going to do? Do you think they will send it to Americas Most Wanted?

4. Don’t Pull Attitude with Police Officers

Police officers are the real deal. Pull an attitude with them and they will wreck your world. If a police officer tells you to leave, then leave. Most cops will leave the scene and then drive back in five minutes to see if you are still skating. He/she will not be happy if you are and will probably cite you. If for some reason the cop does give you a ticket, go to court. If you are under 18 years old, your parent/parents will have to go with you. Most parents will not be happy missing a day of work to see their precious child going through the criminal justice system along with hardened criminals, just because you were riding a skateboard. I am by no means a lawyer, but if you plead guilty or no contest, the judge might let you go with a warning. When and if you do get a ticket, go to court and take care of it. A failed court appearence means a warrant for your arrest. If enough warrants build up, you can go to jail. I know someone that spent two weeks in jail for a skateboard ticket that turned into a warrent. Jail introduced him to Bubba. Not to many people want to know Bubba.

5. Don’t “Get Up” On Your Spot

If you must tag something, don’t let it be the ledge you want to try switch crooked grinds on tommorow. Most people don’t enjoy seeing obnoxious grafitti covering their sacred pond that cost them eighty grand. Keep your tagging experise to yourelf and as far away from your skating as possible.

Although I don’t offer a money back guarantee on this five step plan, because there is no fail-safe method for bustproofing your spots. Getting kicked oout is as inevitable as the aproaching millenium. But hopefully, if you follow this 5 step plan you will stand a much better chance of keeping your spots alive!