I was listening to a movie-nerd podcast called Junkfood Cinema the other day while driving into work and they mentioned what four actors they would put on their Junkfood Cinema version of Mount Rushmore and it made me instantly think of who I would put on a skateboarding version of that. Which then made me think of who would other skaters enshrine on this fictional monument to skateboarding? I hit up over a hundred skaters—pros, ams, photographers, filmers, TMs, and industry heads alike—just to get a small glimpse into who would make it into their final four. While this is just a test and we’re not carving any monuments anytime soon, (especially on sacred Lakota land like the original), this idea is still up for much deabte and a fun one to have with your friends and argue about. In the meantime, here are my results from a small sampling of the skate community with the other names mentioned below for consideration in no particular order. —Jaime Owens

My Results (in no order):
Tony Hawk
John Cardiel
Rodney Mullen
Mark Gonzales

Other Collected Names (in no order):
Tony Alva
Jay Adams
Eric Koston
Lance Mountain
Andrew Reynolds
Natas Kaupas
Danny Way
Chris Miller
Tommy Guerrero
Neil Blender
Eric Dressen
Steve Caballero
Christian Hosoi
Daewon Song
Heath Kirchart
Matt Hensley
Bob Burnquist
Ray Barbee
Tom Penny
Elissa Steamer
Mike Carroll
Marc Johnson
Duane Peters
Jason Jessee
Grant Taylor
Guy Mariano
Dylan Rieder
Alan Gelfand
Gino Iannucci
Ishod Wair

ILLUSTRATION / Keegan Callahan (@waxed.plynth)