UPDATE: The local Portland news channel, Fox affiliate KPTV, got wind of the video we posted on Monday and are reporting that the district attorney and parks bureau are currently conducting an investigation.

From the article: “Commissioner Nick Fish, who oversees city parks, released a statement Tuesday acknowledging the incident. ‘On the evening of Nov. 25, 2009, Pioneer Courthouse Square security officers attempting to enforce park regulations were involved in an alteration with four individuals. One officer suffered minor injuries,’ Fish said. The district attorney and parks bureau officials are investigating. No one from Pioneer Courthouse Square security or the square’s management was available to comment on the video Tuesday.”

Watch the video from Tuesday night’s report HERE.

Peep this shocking video submitted by Portland, Oregon locals. If you watch closely, one of the security guards smacks a skater in the face with his own board, then another security guard joins in and straight up jumps the skaters! Hopefully justice will be served to these clowns.